Equo ne credite, Teucri.

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Bonus Coulson:

My poor kitten, Guinevere has ulcers in her eyes. She is in so much pain.

I have to give her eye drops every two hours. My poor baby.

This is gonna be a long night.


i was looking for free furniture but maybe thats not what i was meant to find


i was looking for free furniture but maybe thats not what i was meant to find



Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

: #The only thing I’m excited about in the Ant Man movie is Cassie #you know what would make Cassie being in the Ant Man movie better? #Her best friend Kate being in the movie #of course #If Kate’s in the movie then Cassie’s other friends should be in the movie too #what I’m saying is I want a Young Avengers movie instead of the Ant Man movie

Having a week where I am seriously doubting whether or not teaching is how I want to spend my life for the next 30 odd years til retirement. However, there is really no where else I might be able to find an entry level job with full benefits that pays what I am getting now. 

Why didn’t I get my degree in math like I wanted to? Why did I let the sexist Math adviser get the best of me and chase me away from the math program?

Why am I feeling so depressed when I have been taking my meds like a good girl? Blegh

Since today is my birthday, and I had to go to work because it was parent conference night, I just had my students do a worksheet. I feel bad, but whatever. 

(some days, the teachers really did just give you worksheets because they didn’t feel like teaching. )

Guy trying to explain Viking sexuality: So like, Thor wouldn't say "I'm gay," he'd just say, like, "I did Loki that one time."
Literally everyone else: *loses their shit*
Cabin Pressure - Bees!
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Martin Crieff has quite possibly the cutest reaction I’ve ever heard to a swarm of bees. If you’ve never listen to Cabin Pressure (which I highly recommend because it’s brilliant), just trust me it’ll make your day 1000% better





This is officially the best thing on tumblr.